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Year 2312
Location Titan

The world as it was now ceases to exist. With disease, violence, and poverty running rampant, wars became inevitable. Over the years, many countries were reduced to ruins due to nuclear war, and finally, the United Nations was forced to act. The Worldwide Federation was created as an international government, and for a short time the Earth enjoyed a New Renaissance of technological and scientific growth and development. The planet Titan was terra-formed, and the first humans were sent to colonize. With a wealth of technology at their fingertips, it was not long before major colonies evolved into cities, and the planet became largely inhabitable. Meanwhile, the condition of Earth declined, and before long the Worldwide Federation declared an international state of emergency and began a forced evacuation. With the population booming, however, certain actions were taken in an effort to “reboot humanity.”

The Worldwide Federation released a quick spreading, deadly bacterial infection in every continent. Only those who could afford to pay for treatment were given the vaccine, and the rest were left to die. After the great exodus, people were forced to adapt to the new life on Titan. In this world the Worldwide Federation started a new form of government in an effort to create a new utopia. People were grouped into different social classes based on their genetics and intelligence. People can only mate with those of their same class, and can only have children if they acquire a license. Licenses are given based on the needs of the government. (For example, if there is a war which causes many soldiers to die, thus creating a shortage of soldiers, the government will grant licenses to couples who are genetically likely to create strong, virile, flexible, and hardy offspring). Once a child is born under a specific license, they are given vaccinations and implanted with a genetic marker. They are then raised to perform the job they were born for, and will be assigned a mate based on their function. If a couple does not get a license for their child, they will not be given the vaccine and the child will die. In this way, the government creates people based on their needs, and all people are forced to hold whatever role the government requires.

At the age of 18 you begin specialized training in your field and you are given an ID. The ID card has your genetic information, as well as all personal information, health information, criminal history etc. Your ID is scanned when you enter any building whatsoever.

If you decide that you do not want to do the job that you were born for, you have two options: run away and become an outlaw, or join the Church of the Federation. Should you choose to join the church you are sterilized. The Church of the Federation is basically built around a world wide religion that incorporates all of the other religions into one.

There is a small percentage of people who were naturally immune to the infection and thus did not die off; however, it did cause them to mutate. (Excuse for magic).

This world has spaceships, lots of advanced technology, etc. Think Outlaw Star.

As a player you must come up with a background story. You can choose to either be an outlaw, or that you were raised within your career field and have not defected from the Worldwide Federation.

Main Page

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